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  • Savino Connoisseur - Wine Saving Carafe (Glass)

    Is opening a bottle of wine on a weeknight a dilemma? The waste of a good bottle is a tragedy. The Savino Wine Saver keeps your wine fresh for up to a week, as rich and flavorful as the moment you popped the cork.

  • Shaker33: The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition

    The Shaker33 is the best shaker since prohibition. Load your latest cocktail creation in this spacious shaker and make enough for the neighborhood. And with its impressive locking technology, you can take Shaker33 on the go.

What Our Customers Say

Yes, a wine snob, 400+ bottle cellar, pretty solid palate, into more-subtle wines like burgundies, even (once) nailed a blind wine wine tasting of an aged Italian red.

Jack A. Skeels

Works almost as well as advertised so long as you follow the directions and put it in the fridge (yes, even red as much as it pained me at first!).


This holds wine fresh for quite a while. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this handy wine saver. My husband can drink his wine for 5-6 days while my taste buds tell me 4.


This is my second Savino wine carafe. We are very pleased with how long the wine stays fresh. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this handy wine saver.

S. Peters

I first saw this product on I WANT THAT but price wise Amazon was more reasonable. Open a bottle on Sunday and each day I will drink a little to see how the flavor taste.


Love my Savino Wine Preserver. I am buying them as gifts. The wine carafe is easy to use, simply pour in the wine from the bottle. Simply put on the stopper and wine is saved.

Martha P Young

I thought about buying this for a while but at about $45 it seemed. I think it's an excellent product and I save so much wine now that it pays for itself pretty quickly.

Julia Clavien

I am the only one who drinks here and I only have a maximum of two glasses at one time...And even perhaps none the next night.

Ena Stanley


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