Chicago Tribune

It works. I tested it rigorously, using three different types of wines and for lengthy periods of time… >>

Wine Enthusiast

This product is a true innovation in wine accessories…
Sybil Strum, CEO of Wine Enthusiast Catalog
Huffpost Taste

The genius factor of Savino is the 'float' component which creates a physical barrier between oxygen and the remainder of your wine while still allowing you to pour from the device… >>

The Oregonian

Don't you love discovering an elegant, simple solution to one of life's irksome annoyances? Consider the problem of the partially empty bottle of wine… >>

Gadget Review

You might want to strap yourself in:
To explain how the Savino works, we
have to venture into the dread realm of chemistry… >>


The Savino works. Of all the pumps, stoppers, smaller bottles, and other solutions available, the Savino beats them all… >>

Most wine lovers have at least one wine preservation gadget either in the kitchen or in their cellar, but the Savino immediately became the favorite wine preservation system… >>

Journal Sentinel

How to preserve an open bottle of wine? And what to get Dad for Father's Day? The answer to both questions could well be the intriguing new wine-saver carafe called Savino… >>